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These make great valentine’s day gift ideas

Fantastic offer during January and February!

There will soon be a range of ways of buying a Together Session package, including through a selection of gift shops, boutiques and maybe the odd petrol station. In the meantime, call me for a chat on 07990 82 81 96 or, if it’s easier, email me at and see if this might be for you.


valentine's day gift ideas

Together Session Package Pricelist- JANUARY AND FEBRUARY OFFER – 50% off!

Package A Normally £100 – 2 hour session plus a dozen digital files chosen from a large set. (£50 if booked during January or February)

Package B – Normally £110 – 2 hour session with a dozen digital files plus £25 print voucher to buy any from a large set. (£82.50 if booked during January or February)

Package C – Normally £130 – 2 hour session with all digital files, small hardcover photobook plus £25 print voucher. (£97.50 if booked during January or February)

Package D – Normally £150 – 2 hour session with all digital files, large hardcover photobook plus £25 print voucher. (£112.50 if booked during January or February)

Great valentine’s day gift ideas!

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Package A –  £50 Normally £100
Package B –  £82.50 Normally £110
Package C –  £97.50 Normally £130
Package D –  £112.50 Normally £150



valentine's day gift ideas