Ceri & Ieuan

“Before the session we were apprehensive, in 17 years of being together we’ve never had a portrait. Owen took the time to get to know us and the type of people we are which resulted in us being very relaxed.”- Ceri & Ieuan

Ceri Ieuan 1

“Owens technique ensured that we felt comfortable and we actually enjoyed every minute. . . Owen was able to get us to open up to each other”

Ceri Ieuan 2

“It’s a completely different experience, the results are fantastic because of the preparation and the time Owen took to get to know the type of people we are. “

Ceri Ieuan 3

“We are thrilled with the photographs that Owen took, Owen was very careful to capture the real us and consequently we have them in almost every room in the house. Lots of friends have commented on how relaxed we look in them.”

Ceri Ieuan 4

“Our Together session refreshed the way that we look at each other, what we feel for each other and how important it is to take time out.” – Ceri & Ieuan


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