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How long does a session take?

Usually about 2 hours. This will give us enough time to all relax and have some fun. I will play just a small part in that. Think of it as two hours away from the world.

Will you be listening to what we are saying?

Not if I can help it. I certainly won’t be all up in your face with a big camera. I will be out of earshot most of the time with a zoom lens. That sounds voyeuristic, I don’t mean it that way! I will be engaging with you when I sense you are comfortable for me to be close. Otherwise, you will forget I am even there. Have a read through the case study stories, that’s exactly what couples who have experiences a Together session have said.

What should we wear?

I always say ‘anything thats comfortable’ – this isn’t a fashion shoot. Wear what you would normally wear to go out for a walk with your partner.

Do we have to be outside?

No, not at all. Although it’s nice to be able to escape the world for a few moments, familiar environments are usually more relaxing. At home. coffee shop or pub can make excellent backdrops.

Do we get to keep the digital files?

With all Together packages you get a dozen digital files, whether you buy the photobook and print packages or not. You’ll also get the digital files to any prints you buy from the session.

Does this work in wedding photography?

Absolutely. The connection between a couple can make or break a set of wedding photographs. This is a good way to try out a photographer.