Husband to Hannah, drummer in Fjords. Father to Eli, a four year old mini-me. Walker of Emily, my beloved GSP. Photographer of weddings, couples, events, people, places, buildings and anything that gives me that little tingle on the back of my neck.

I have always hated posing people in photographs. I start feeling awkward, so they start looking awkward, then the photos look awkward and they’re then awkward to look at. I hate awkward.

People are at their happiest and perform at their best when they are relaxed and free of all influence. Musicians call it ‘flow’, sports people call it ‘the zone’, but I am always looking to capture people in that place.

I started with music photography; live gigs around Cardiff, Newport and Bristol. Capturing the sound of a band in an image with a camera is difficult, but immensely satisfying when you can feel the photograph. The same can be said with portraits and especially at weddings, where people are carried away with events and have only the photographs to recapture the emotion of the day. This is why I love photography.

Like you, I also once thought it was impossible to get a good photo of me, that was until I met the right photographer. My favourite photos of me were taken by friends and family at parties, festivals or times when I was relaxed. I’m also prone to the occasional selfie, but never seem able to capture my good looks with a duck face at arms length.